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Parental and Family Counselling at ROTeM Center

An advanced practical professional training course in Parental and Family Counselling. The course is intended to provide insight and skills to help families by working with parents, as the primary agents of change in the family system 
A family is a social group of people who live together, whose members are either blood relatives or have been joined together by marriage or adoption. 
In modern society, a variety of different family types exist, representing the different ways that families and society have changed. Nevertheless, the family is still the basic unit within society and the environment of the child’s development. Since the parents were there before the children were born, they are primarily responsible for the emotional and educational environment created in the home
There are many different factors that affect how a family develops its customs, creates the dynamics between its members, and copes with different situations that arise. These influence whether and in what ways problems evolve into crises.
The main goal of Parental and Family counselling process is to encourage the parents, being the responsible adults in the family, to understand the reasons that consciously and unconsciously underlie their behaviours, actions and reactions. These are all a direct result of their own family history, and the counselling process helps them to become introspective as well as involve themselves in conscious parenting. This course aims to familiarise the student with family dynamics and develop skills to address issues and challenges that arise within the family unit.


Who is the course for?

The Parental and Family Counselling course is suitable for anyone working with or wanting to help families, such as:

  • Counsellors

  • Trainee Counsellors

  • Coaching professionals

  • Volunteers

  • Social Workers

  • Family Therapists

  • Health Care professionals

  • Relationship and marriage counsellors

  • Child Therapists

  • Teachers and other Educational Staff

  • Foster Carers

Duration of training

180 academic hours.

One intensive school day a week.

Starting in the tenth week, a practical practicum of at least one treatment hour will begin at least once a week.

The studies will take place in medium groups of up to 12 people, and will include theory, and practical training in individual and group instruction.




Experience working with special needs or guiding parents with families without special needs

personal interview

Course Content and Structure

The course includes 30 sessions, Each session has 3 units:

  • Theoretical unit

  • Practical skills and techniques related to the lesson subject

  • Clinical seminar



Certificate Requirements:

  • 180 hours of group sessions

  • 30 hours of clinical practice with parents

  • Individual and group supervision

Course Aims:

To enable practitioners in the field to develop an understanding of the dynamics of the relationships between parents and their children and how children's behaviour is related to that of the parents. 

To develop practical skills to work with parents, who are the primary agents of change in the family.

To provide professionals with an additional therapeutic setting and practical approach for the promotion of the mental health of family members through working with parents. 

To enable both theoretical and practical expansion of the scope of the professional’s therapeutic and counselling work. 

Student Learning Outcomes:


  • Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of concepts and characteristics of practical work with parents in clinical settings.

  • Students will acquire the practical skills to conceptualize the family case in each process and provide the assistance required in accordance with the conceptualization.

  • Students will be able to help parents to communicate efficiently and collaborate with school staff in order to help their children.

  • Students will acquire the skills necessary for case management when working with families with children with special needs or disabilities.

This course is for you if you would like to help families in distress by working with parents:

  • For professional reasons to improve your knowledge and skills

  • To gain professional development

  • For personal reasons

The Teaching Staff


Ofer Erez

M.Sc Psychotherapist and Parental and Family  Counselor.

Specialist in work with adolescents

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Yael Pekler

M.A. Educational counsellor, Psychotherapist, Parental and Family  Counselor, Educational staff and group facilitator. Specialist in ADHD and social skills

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WhatsApp Image 2020-02-23 at

Anat Ben Salmon

M.Sc Psychotherapist and Parental and Family  Counselor

Specializes in working with Parents

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Anna Cristal Lilov

MD, Tel-Aviv University, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Researcher and practitioner in Psycho-gynecology.

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Where will the parental and Family Counselling Course open?

Live Online Teachings

Hybrid Classrooms

כיתת לימוד היברידית

Reich Center

The Amoraim 1 Yavne

The Doctors' House

The Iron 11 Tel Aviv

Grand Court

St. George 15 Jerusalem

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