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פרסומים אקדמיים

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Anat Ben Salmon, M.Sc.
Ofer Erez M.Sc.
Dr Anna Cristal-Lilov MD

מאמרים, פרק בספר, השתתפות בכנסים

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1. מאמר
Mental and physiological structures and mechanisms of overprotection in the aetiology of autoimmune disease

Interdisciplinary Research

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2. מאמר
Structures and mechanisms,
The Chaos theory and Organizational change

Interdisciplinary Research

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3. מאמר
Utilisation of a Collaborative Research Methodology for a Critical Realist Inquiry Into the Feasibility of Knowledge Evolution in the
Academy and the Production of Interdisciplinary
Practical Knowledge

Interdisciplinary Research

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4. מאמר
Critical Realist Investigation of Real-Time Decision-Making Process Under Uncertainty

Interdisciplinary Research

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5. מאמר
Zoom-Therapy: Online Clinical Setting - Compromise or an Opportunity

Online Clinical Setting

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6. מאמר
The Biopsychosocial Structures and Mechanisms of Gynecological and Obstetric Disorders and the Importance of Interdisciplinary Research

Interdisciplinary Research